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What is "LIGHTSHEER" hair removal?
LightSheer is the only laser hair removal system with a patented cooling device designed for your sensitive skin. It's quick, it's comfortable, and it's the most effective laser hair removal system available today. This laser was the first Diode Laser System approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This laser directs a laser light beam into the hair root gently, destroys the hair follicle, thus, the hair falls out.

How is laser hair removal performed?
Laser hair removal is performed as an in office procedure without the need for anesthesia and with immediate return to sedentary activities. Most patients experience only a slight stinging or tingling sensation as the laser pulses are applied.

How does laser hair removal work?
The LightSheer laser targets the pigment within the hair bulb (melanin). It utilizes the bulb of the hair to permanently destroy the root. Once destroyed, the root can no longer produce any hair growth.

How many treatments will I need to attain satisfactory results?
Most patients will require 3-6 treatments to a specific area.

How frequently will treatments be preformed?
2-4 months depending on what site is being treated.

What areas are commonly treated?
For women, facial areas are the most common, followed by the bikini line, legs and axilla (underarms). For men, the back, shoulders and upper arms are the most popular areas. Other than facial hair, it is possible to treat most areas of the male body.

Does it hurt?
You may feel a tingling or stinging sensation on the areas being treated. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, but most people tolerate the procedure well. If you find the treatment to be too uncomfortable, you can request a prescription topical anesthetic.

Is the LightSheer laser procedure permanent?
Yes. Each LightSheer treatment will permanently reduce from 13% to 39% of unwanted hair. It is important to note that all lasers are classified as medical devices and must be approved for safety. Because most, if not all lasers originate from the US, safety approvals are issued by the FDA. Many individuals assume that if a laser is FDA approved, the treatment will be permanent. This is incorrect. The LightSheer laser was approved for safety in 1997. In 1999, the FDA certified the LightSheer laser procedure as permanent. When selecting a laser treatment center, we encourage all individuals to ask one very specific question, "Is the laser FDA approved for permanency?" You will find that most centers will say no.

The other very important issue we encourage individuals to query is the application. Larger laser beams are faster, but can be very painful. Smaller laser beams are slower, but far more comfortable. It is also imperative that a skin tissue cooling process be used. The LightSheer offers a patented "chill tip" which cools the skin tissue, before, during and after the laser pulses are applied. This question should be answered before making a commitment to any laser treatment centre.

How should I prepare for laser hair removal?
You should not wax or pluck for about three weeks prior to treatment. Depilatory creams may be used or shaving may be done to remove surface hair. Bleaching to lighten the color is also permitted. It is also best to avoid sun tanning 6-8 weeks prior to treatment.

Are there any risks involved?
As with any medical or surgical procedure there are risks, although with laser hair removal they are minimal. We will review all potential risks with you at the time of your consultation.

I have naturally dark skin, can it be treated?
Yes. However the laser's power must be adjusted to suit your skin type. Patients with naturally darker skin color will require more treatments than patients with lighter skin color.

My skin is sun tanned, can it be treated?
Yes and no. We can laser areas with a moderate suntan. For more severe suntans we have to decrease the laser power, which will reduce the percentage of reduction. It is for this reason we recommend you wait 6-8 weeks from the last time the target area was tanned. We also recommend the use of a SPF 30 or higher sun block (not sun screen) for the duration of the treatments.

What happens after the treatment?
mmediately after area has been treated, the area may become slightly red and puffy.  This reaction is normal and indicates that the hair follicle has been treated optimally.  The treated area should return to normal within a day or two.  Most people usually return to normal activity immediately.  You should not pluck or wax your hairs on the area in between treatments. (Shaving is O.K.)

How long do I have to avoid the sun?
Sun protection is absolutely necessary in between laser treatments. Any degree of sun tan may cause you to blister and may also cause pigment change. We recommend that you avoid the sun by wearing a broad hat and always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

 Key Benefits

  • Hair removal is FDA approved to be permanent
  • Only 3-6 treatments   
  • No down time



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