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How does the laser work for removing tattoos?

A specific laser wavelength is used to attract to a specific color of tattoo ink. This wavelength breaks up the ink into small particles which are later carried off through your body's lymphatic system. Several treatments are required to slowly break up the various colors of ink. Treatments are scheduled four to six weeks apart to allow your body to carry off the ink. Slow conservative treatments result in the best results. The end goal is to restore the skin to its normal color.


Will my insurance cover laser tattoo removal?

No insurance companies consider this procedure to be anything but elective and therefore not covered by insurance. Fees are due and payable at time of each treatment and are the responsibility of the patient.


How uncomfortable is the laser treatment?

Tattoo removal laser treatments are performed in our laser treatment rooms using a topical anesthetic cream. Patients describe the treatment similar to getting a tattoo, only much faster. The laser treatment is more uncomfortable in some areas of the body such as fingers, ankles and thighs than others. We will make ever effort to make you as comfortable as possible.

Will I be able to drive home after my procedure?

Yes. You will experience mild discomfort - mostly a stinging feeling if large areas are treated - but you will be able to drive home safely after your laser procedure.

Is this treatment permanent?

Yes. Once the ink is destroyed it will not come back. However, some colors and types of ink may be more difficult to treat than others. Even though Nova Medical Spa  has all available technology to treat simple black to multi colored tattoos, the variability of inks on the market still make some colors less than predictable. In the initial consultation, a member of our consulting staff will give you realistic expectations of the fees and end result of removing your tattoo.

What will my skin look like after treatment?
Some hypopigmentation (lightening) or hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the skin may result after several treatment sessions. These side effects usually fade in time or can be improved with bleaching creams. It will take about a year in total to remove the tattoo ink and to have your skin resume its normal color. We cannot guarantee all inks will be removed totally. Compliance with treatment times, post op care to prevent infection and sun protection during treatment will achieve the best results.

Key Benefits:

  • The best method of tattoo removal
  • No long term hypopigmentation (lightening) of the underlying skin
  • No down time



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