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How does the laser remove facial blood vessels?

The VersaPulse laser emits intense pulsed energy in the green light range. Since hemoglobin contained within blood absorbs green light, we are able to introduce this energy through the skin effectively targeting and heating blood within facial vessels and leg veins. A water-cooled sapphire chill tip attached to the laser head increases patient comfort and appears to protect the outer layers of the skin during the delivery of laser energy. The long pulse duration does not cause unsightly bruising as seen with older technology.

How successful is this process in the treatment of blood vessels?

The degree of success will vary from patient to patient, however, studies show that the success in the treatment of facial blood vessels range between 75-90% with a single treatment, but most patients will require 2-3 treatments to obtain the results they want.

How is the laser treatment performed?

Patients scheduled for treatment in general do not require any anesthetic, either locally or topically since the chill tip greatly reduces the degree of discomfort associated with the laser impacts. Photographs will be taken at the time of the consultation visit or at the time of the first treatment. Protective eyewear is supplied for everyone in the procedure room and remains on during the entire treatment. Blood vessels are treated with one or more laser passes in order to achieve the clinical endpoint of vessel disappearance or vessel coagulation. Patients will then be discharged with post-op care instructions.

What will I look like after treatment?

Most patients after treatment have some pinkness and occasionally a small amount of swelling within the treated sites. This will diminish over a 24-48 hour period.

What are the risks associated with laser treatment?

Laser treatment for facial blood vessels  has been free of significant complications.  There is a chance of temporary pigmentation disturbances, especially in patients who are darker skinned or who have a tan. On occasion postoperative crusting and swelling are noted but this is not associated with any significant increased risks of complications.

How much will the procedure cost?

During your initial consultation the cost of laser treatment will be discussed in detail. The number of blood vessels or size of area to be treated is directly related to the fee for the procedure. The fee quote given will be for each treatment session anticipated. Since this procedure is considered cosmetic, we require patients to pay for procedure at the time of service.

What can I expect?

We routinely have satisfied customers but patient variation makes it difficult to predict the exact outcome in every case. We are committed to excellence and will attempt to provide a pleasing cosmetic outcome for all of our patients, but no specific guarantees can be made with regard to the final outcome.


Key Benefits

  • Blood vessels shrink and collapse rather than bruising
  • Quick and effective treatment sessions
  • No down time



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